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Are you ready to tri?

Tri for Me Fitness is an Australian business, owned by women, run for women. Tri for Me Fitness will help you prepare or improve your triathlon skills and confidence through triathlon camps completely designed for women.

Our camps focus on preparing you both physically and mentally for your next (or first!) triathlon.

Tri for Me Fitness camps are held over a single day or weekend and will provide you with experienced coaches to work with you across swimming, cycling, running, transition, stretching and nutrition. You’ll also have a chance to improve your bike maintenance skills all while being surrounded by other like-minded and supportive women.

The two day camps will wrap up with a mini triathlon where you can practice your new or improved skills in a non-competitive atmosphere or where available, we will align with another local triathlon event.

Camps are running in multiple locations (and no, we won’t really be camping!) – check out our upcoming events for more information.

Tri for Me Fitness can also assist you with customised training programs to help you reach your goals – don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.